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Your Hobby. Your Passion. Your Little Earner.

by Dan on October 17, 2011

How your passion or hobby can make you money.

So often – too often – people discard the potential of their passion to make them money, whether it’s the potential to make a lot of money or just enough to cover some bills. They have the stubborn view that making money from something they love is just too good to be true. Others just simply fail to see how they can use their passion to make money. Either way, if you have a passion for something, it would probably be a good idea to read the rest of this post.

To assess whether your passion can make you money (even if it’s just a little bit of extra money to go towards bills, etc), you need to ask yourself two questions:

Is my passion for creating something I could sell?

E.g. model aeroplanes, cakes,  clothes,  cutrains, items of furniture, decorative pieces, etc.

Has my passion given me a unique skill, experience or knowledge?

E.g. fishing, history, art, photography, puzzle-solving, creative writing, poetry, comedy, etc.  n.b. You’ll notice that many of these examples overlap with the first question’s answers.

If you don’t think your passion gives you a positive answer to either of the above questions, read this:

Remember, even if your passion doesn’t ostensibly fit into these two areas, could you adapt it to? For example, I met a lady the other day that has a huge passion for solving jigsaw puzzles. On the face of it, there is no way she could use this passion to make money, but that would be an incorrect assumption. Her passion and experience in solving puzzles gave her a unique insight into what made ‘puzzlers’ tick, as she knows exactly what makes a puzzle difficult and exciting. So, she set about developing her passion into actually making the puzzles. Six months later and she’s earning enough money to pay for her gas and electricity bills. Perhaps as importantly is that she loves making the puzzles as much as she loves solving them.

If your passion does give you a positive answer to the above questions:

Use it to make money. Research a little bit about how other people who share your passion have made some money out of it. Sit down with some pen and paper and start writing down ideas on what you could do to make money with it. Once you do this you’ll be amazed at what you start to come up with. If you think you’re on to a possible winner and you fancy taking your idea to the next level, see our post on pitching ideas to investors by clicking here.

Hopefully you’ll see the potential in making money from your passion!

Warm regards,

Dan Little

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