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Working from Home Online? You Need to Know How to Build a Website

by Dan on November 11, 2011

Building a website is at the forefront of success for many online businesses, and yet it remains beyond the scope of understanding for many people. I was once stumped at the seemingly endless mountain of knowledge required to build a website: the code, domains and practicalities confused the living daylights out of me for a good few weeks. However, I persevered and eventually managed to get to grips with it. This was back when building a website was difficult, these days, however, it is much, much easier. That being said, just because it is easier these days, it doesn’t mean it still isn’t extremely confusing for a first-timer who has no idea of where to start.

Why do you need a website?

Well, a website is always a good idea to have as a side project because it helps you generate income through advertising. The more successful your website, the more valuable advertising space on your website is. The more valuable your advertising space, the more money you take home.

Where to start?

Well, there are a few options: you can either set up a word press website or you can use an external editor, file uploader and hoster to create your website (e.g. Adobe Dreamweaver, Filezilla and Host Gator).

Did that just go WAY over your head? If you’ve never built a website before, probably. And even if you have built one, the external editor one can be particularly confusing at first. But, like anything online, once you grasp the basics and play around with it everything suddenly starts to fall in place.

Anyhow, let’s go through the individual ones in little mini-steps, just so have knowledge of the basics. This won’t be a step-by-step walkthrough, because that would take a long time. The aim of this post is to give you a general overview so that things make more sense when you come across them.

First things first:

You need to think of a domain for your website. The domain is the web address (for example, and is used by people to access your site. Think of the domain as the land you would build your house on. Once you think of your domain, you need to buy it and register it. There are plenty of places that sell domain names on the web. Search ‘domain names for sale’ in Google and then see if you can buy the domain you’re thinking of. Usually prices are very reasonable!

Next, you need to find a host for your website. The host is the service that keeps all your website files online 24/7. Just like you can’t access the internet without a service provider, like BT, you can’t have a website without a host. I’d recommend Host Gator (Google them to find out more!). They’re fast, reliable and well-priced.

So, how do you design your website? Well, here are two ways of doing so:


WordPress is a free utility that lets you edit and change your website. It’s REALLY easy once you get used to it and has quite a lot of depth to it, so you can either keep it simple or get as technical as you like.

Important tip: it is always a good idea to learn how to upload photos to a website. Photos make a website look a bit more professional, and can really help you distinguish your site from the competition. Also, learn to format your sites properly: make sure there are headlines, the text looks neat and everything is paragraphed.

Now, I have lied a little bit, I’m not actually going to tell you how to set up a wordpress site.  Some guy called Glenn Fisher is. I don’t know him, but I found his video and thought it was quite good at teaching the basics of WordPress. Full credit to Glenn Fisher for this video, I had nothing to do with the making of this.

So, now you’ve got an idea of WordPress. What about the external editor and file uploader?

Adobe Dreamweaver (A website design program) and Filezilla (a program to upload your site to the internet):

Dreamweaver is more complex than WordPress, but is also much more capable of creating a more complex website. It will take you a little while to get used to, but don’t worry, you can crack it in no time.

Dreamweaver by Adobe basically works by allowing you to edit your website on your computer, as opposed to WordPress, which edits your site on the internet.

To start with, you need to purchase Dreamweaver. Once you’ve done that, you need to set up a folder on your computer entitled Dreamweaver Websites (you don’t have to, but this makes it much easier). Inside this folder, you create another folder and name it after your website (WITHOUT CAPITALS or SPACES or the WWW. So, Little Earner would be

Once you’ve done this, go on to Dreamweaver. On the right hand side bar, about half-way down, there is a drop-down menu entitled ‘files’. Open the drop down menu, and scroll down to the bottom to click manage sites. Now this is where it gets tricky, so you’ll probably need to use the Dreamweaver guide from here on out, as this post would literally go on forever!

But, fastforward to when you’ve created a beautiful site, you need to upload it to the internet. This is where you use Filezilla. Again, this is technically complex for those who have never used it before, so it would be best to check out the help guide on filezilla for an idea of how to do all the nitty gritty work. However, the basic concept is that filezilla transfers the files from your computer to the internet, where they can be viewed by everyone! You control which files to upload, and uploading a file is as easy as the click of a button (once you’ve set it up).

So, there’s the longest post ever on Little Earner. Hope you found it useful!

Many thanks,

Dan Little

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