Winning the lottery with Premium Bonds

by Dan on February 21, 2007

Do you like to play the lottery? Hate losing week after week? If so, then you might be interested in Premium Bonds with National Savings and Investments. The top prize is a million pounds, with lots of smaller prizes too.

It’s basically an investment. The money you put into the account earns interest. Rather than the interest being paid to you, its put into a large pot. Every month, prizes are allocated using this pot. If your number comes up, you get a prize! And the great thing is, your original money is never at risk. So basically its a lottery system in which you never lose (but then might never win).

I had £500 of bonds with them, and in a year I managed to win £100. However, I closed my account to put the money into savings. However, it is possible to win! If you want to see how much you could win, have a play with the Premium Bonds Calculator on

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