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What Doesn’t Work

I’ve collected together all of the things that do not work in a single page. I’ll update this page as I discover more systems and techniques that do not work. If I find something that does work, I will add it to the rest of the site!

Make Money progams:

Not all make money programs contain the information that you need to become successful. I’m currently in the process of testing out a few news ones, so will update the resultws soon. For ones that work, see our Top Earner or Make Money Programs section.

Gambling Related Systems:

Most gambling systems don’t actually work. Some of the ones that I’ve tried include:

  • Anything to do with Betfair. Laying systems leave you with massive risk if a bet loses. The poker and blackjack exchanges are impossible to win without some really intelligent and fast software.
  • Anything to do with horse betting or blackjack in online casinos.

If you’ve encountered anything that doesn’t work, please post it below and share your experiences with the Little Earner community.


Dan Little

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John D April 11, 2010 at 5:59 pm

Never touch anything published by Agora Lifestyles, they don’t make good on the money back guarantee’s. Lunchtime Profit Alert is absolute rubbish. Winning Colours Alert is losing big time. I also subscribed to What Really Wins Money, just more nonsense that doesn’t make anyone money apart from the publisher Clive Keeling. Basically, anything attached to affiliate marketing should be avoided. Always take your time to find as many reviews for whatever you’re considering (remember, often reviewers are actually promoters, so be careful of what you read).

barry.hatton August 21, 2010 at 12:08 pm

hi there,
i find your wright about meny advert s of working from home business opportunities why cant the law authoritys find them out and stop these people from scamming just thiefeing inisent publics money,iv personnely lost houdreds of pounds taking on opportunities that
was only a scam created process in the end, if theres companys out there that geniunly
need work completing surly they wouldent need too charge eny one a fee ?

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