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by Dan on December 29, 2009

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EBooks are online books, guides and resources that are sold online then downloaded by the buyer either from an email attachment, link or sometimes sent to them via a disc. A quick scan on the internet will reveal thousands of topics such as wedding planning, DIY, gardening, holiday guides and even children’s coloring books. As the start up costs and overheads are virtually non-existent, EBooks tend to be sold for a fraction of what those in an actual bookstore will be.

Why do people write EBooks?

The answer is simple. EBooks provide people the opportunity to work at home in their own time, by their own hours. They can write about pretty much anything they feel is both enjoyable to them and will appeal to potential customers.

To start an EBook costs nothing but time and dedication. There are no financial investments needed, no stock lists and in most cases no shipping costs, simply thorough research into the proposed topic of the EBook.

How do I start?

The first place to start is to determine an area of expertise, something that you are knowledgeable of and feel would appeal to others enough for them to buy it. Research your chosen topic thoroughly. This includes the actual content you will write, ensuring that what you are writing is accurate, ensuring it is interesting and it’s unique enough to stand out from other EBooks that may be of a similar topic.

Once you have done this you can start to write your EBook. The amount of pages it contains depends of the subject. Some may have as little as 10 pages whereas others may have 100. Those that contain less however are typically sold for a lower price to those that contain a higher number of informative and relative pages. Regardless of the amount of pages your EBook will contain, it needs to be written well and not rushed. It is also beneficial to use images where needed, however you should ensure that you have permission to use these images, and the content included is not copied from another source.

Where can I sell EBooks?

Many people tend to sell their EBooks on online auction sites. Prices can be fixed or varied via auctions. If you do choose to sell your EBook this way, you should factor in fees that specific sites may have. This for example may be as little as 10p if you are selling your product for ?1, so be sure to check these prior.

Additionally, using internet forums that are relevant to the topic of your EBook are a great way to sell your product without any fees.

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