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Turn Small Jobs into Big Money

by Dan on April 25, 2012

Micro Jobs are becoming an increasingly popular method of making money online at the moment. In a nutshell, these pages are just freelance job boards, but with the purpose of getting the jobs done quickly and for very little money. The way the whole system works is fairly simple and it’s a case of initially posting a job listing, whether it’s from a buyers or sellers perspective. From here the listing is available to all and the person who posted the listing can be contacted directly in order to discuss the job further. The question is how do these micro job sites become an option for making any serious money?

From a buyers point of view it can be very beneficial when working on a tight budget. For example, you may want a new logo or website for your start up business but don’t have the resources to go spending big money, or you may need something that would be very difficult to find elsewhere. Okay, there is the risk that the quality may not be the best and at the end of the day you do get what you pay for, but there is also the possibility that the seller is offering their services so cheap for a number of reasons beneficial to themselves, such as trying to build up a portfolio or simply to make a quick buck.

So, as a seller, how do you go about making some money off this thing? Well, the main benefit here is that you are able to offer whatever the hell you want. It can be a service, a product, anything. This will work to your advantage because as long as there’s something you are really good at and can get done fairly quickly, just rinse and repeat this method and you will see the money begin to add up. A great tip would be to find something you could build a template to, that is essentially the same thing for each client but slightly tailored to each individual need.

Also, put some effort into your listing. You will usually find you are limited to creating a brief description so make sure that you despite this limit you still manage to sum up exactly what you are offering. Back everything up with evidence of past work, or something that will help show that your prospective buyer is not wasting their time by choosing your listing.

Stand out from the crowd

As the popularity of these jobsites increase, unfortunately so does the competition and there are a lot of people offering the same sort of thing making it difficult to compete, especially with already established listings.

That doesn’t mean to say it’s a lost cause however, as all it takes is for you to find something that no one else has thought of and you can see your listing become in demand fairly quickly. There isn’t really any cost involved for a seller either. The host may take a small percentage of any income, but other than that it’s all yours, so for this reason you are free to try out different things and experiment a little. Remember, there are no limits to what you offer here (within the grounds of legality of course), be creative and watch yourself potentially reap the rewards!

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