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The Power of Digital Advertising

by Dan on October 10, 2011

Hey Guys,

I had some family commitments over the weekend to attend to so I didn’t manage to get this article up, anyway here it is!

Right, so, you’re reading this article on the internet. If not, then someone printed it off the internet and handed it to you. Either way, it highlights the fact that the internet reaches people. After all, this article has reached you.

So what of the banners that are draped over websites, the E-mails, market research campaigns, surveys and pop-up ads?

Even these reach people too. And you can be the one reaching out to potential customers, using these digital marketing campaigns you can turn sceptics into believers and readers into consumers. As Thomas Harrison, CEO and charman of Diversified Agency Services of Omnicom Group Inc says:

‘Being Nimble, fast thinking and entrepreneurial is something that means having an evolving and profound understanding of the social and digital media’

Integral to using and understanding the complex world of digital advertising is research. Spend some time writing spreadsheets and although understanding cause and effect in business is time consuming, it’s necessary and can give you great insights. You need to know what websites convert what types of customers, where banners must be placed in order to achieve maximum effectiveness and how much you’re able to be charged for advertising.  I for one have even surprised myself in terms of making my display campaigns work by playing with margins etc.

If you’re not prepared and you’re not using digital advertising, then you’re not realising your full potential.

Do the research, put in the effort and ultimately it will help you reach as many people as possible. To many of you reading this will it will sound like I’m preaching to the choir, but there are plenty of competent individuals and small businesses alike that fail to use the power of digital advertising. This ultimately results in a shed load of people not making anywhere near as much money as they could be doing!


Dan Little

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