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The Key to a Money Making Blog

by Dan on June 14, 2012

You probably all know by now how making money with a blog can be one the most straight forward methods of generating an income from home. There are no complications behind it, and although there are many different ways in which you can monetise a blog the actual work involved itself is as simple as you’re going to get. The negative though is that it does require a lot of time and effort. This is what puts most people off committing to this method of making money, especially those looking for a quick buck.

To attract frequent visitors and generate a passive income through your blog you must put in the groundwork required. Unfortunately it can also result in a lot of frustration before the money actually starts to roll in (trust me, I know from experience!) There aren’t many feelings worse than investing so much time into something and have nothing to show for it as a result. It will put you down, it will make you want to quit, because I can assure you that there is no better feeling than when you do finally having something to show for your efforts.

Just remember that making money online is a marathon and not a sprint. Yes there are ways of making money quickly and it’s not a myth, but to make anything substantial and generate a passive income then i’m afraid you are in it for the long haul. Eventually you will get to that position where things are on auto-pilot. Your blog will make you money while you sleep, and you can even outsource everything required in order to keep the blog frequently updated.

You can’t just create a money making machine from thin air. It will take time and effort, and you will experience frustration before any money actually starts to come in. If you are going to attract frequent visitors and eventually generate a passive income then the work has to be put in, it’s important that this is understood.

Attracting frequent visitors to your blog

So you know that there is going to be the time investment, but what is the quickest and most efficient way to draw the visitors in you may ask? Well there are countless SEO tips and tricks you can use to try and direct traffic to your blog, and they all work well to a degree. I’m not going to into those however because there is however the one underlying requirement which is the most important of all. Your content has to be of a sufficient quality! If people aren’t interested in what you have to say then they aren’t going to listen, it’s a simple as that.

You will find that a lot of the blogs that make huge amounts of money were actually started with the genuine purpose of sharing an opinion. The monetising came afterwards when these people realised they were sitting on a gold mine! A successful blog becomes successful because it acts as a resource of quality content and information that the visitors will find useful or can relate to in some way.

You must create content that your readers will enjoy. This is what will make them continue to come back to your blog time after time, this is what will encourage them to spread the word and this what will make you money! You will need to be building your blog around something that takes your own interest. If your not interested in the things that you are writing about then what makes you think that your visitors are going to be?

Also, do not worry too much about your writing ability. You don’t have to be a great writer The brilliant thing about a blog is that they can be as personal as you like. You don’t need to emulate a specific writing style, just be yourself and as long it’s readable and enjoyable that’s okay.

Monitor your visitor stats as much as possible. If you stick at things you will find that they will begin to increase, and in turn so will your earnings! When you eventually make your first bit of money you will be craving more. You should look at your first earnings as the foundation to your success. Build upon what you did to get to that point and rinse and repeat and watch the income begin to add up fast! It will take a while to get there, but once you arrive it’ll be hard to turn back.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog but don’t really want to commit to it then it probably isn’t the money making method that you are looking for. I can assure you though that it still remains one of the best ways of generating income and it will take is that little bit of work before hand until you begin to reap the rewards.



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people are interested in what i have to say when they are going to listen, it’s a simple as that.

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