The Elevator Pitch

by Dan on October 13, 2011

The Elevator Pitch: so, you’ve got an idea and you know that people will be willing to invest in it. You’ve got confidence in the product, why shouldn’t the investors? Well, the key thing here is to remember that investors don’t just need confidence in the product, they also need confidence in the person pitching the product to them. After all, the person doing the pitch is often going to be the one managing the project.

The elevator pitch is based on one simple question: can you deliver a pitch that is informative, clear and easy to understand in the same time it takes an elevator to reach the board room? (This hypothetical elevator ride lasts about 2 minutes)

I’ve found a video by Sean Wise that explains exactly what the elevator pitch is. The actual video itself isn’t fantastic (it’s a little cheesy), but the content and message it gives out is spot on.

Sean Wise explains how the vital ingredients to a successful elevator pitch. Follow his YouTube channel at: SeanyTHEbear.

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