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Share Your Skills and Make Money From Home

by Dan on December 1, 2011

If you’ve got a particular skill area, whatever it may be, why don’t you share it with the World?

One of the many ways to make online is to publish a web book that provides people with an opportunity to learn something new. You can write a web book if you’ve got a particular skill area; such as cooking, puzzle-solving, art, crafts, gambling, eating, anything at all.

All you need to do is to put your skill down in writing, which is much easier to do than you think. The trick is to just start writing, forget about thinking too hard and let the words flow like a river. Your words will illuminate the path for people to follow in your footsteps, so have a little reread after you’ve written a paragraph to make sure it makes sense. This is because sometimes when you write too quickly and too intuitively you’re writing can be incomprehensible, which is obviously going to prevent it from being as useful as it otherwise could be. However, this doesn’t contradict what I said earlier, I still advocate just writing without too much pre-planning at the beginning just to help kickstart the book. You may want to start planning a short while into it however, just to make sure that it’ll make sense in the end.

If you get ideas (you usually get brainwaves just before you get to sleep or when you’re on the toilet) then jot them down quickly on a notepad, so always have one handy.

When your book is finished you can either publish it as a paper copy or you can publish it as an e-book. Self publishing an e-book is way cheaper and with the advent of devices like Amazon’s kindle and the reading apps available on most smart phones it can reach a huge number of people.

Publishing an e-book can be incredibly lucrative, so if you’ve got an idea, put pen to paper – ahem, finger to keyboard – and see what happens. And if you don’t think you’ve got any particular skills, you can always check out our Top Earner and Little Earners to start making money from home anyway!


Dan Little

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