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Self-Employed Woes: Illness and Your Business

by Dan on November 9, 2011

Right, so you work on your own and you work for home. Everything’s going well, but what’s this? A headache? Oh, no, please…not the shivers too! Oh, great, and now I’ve got a blocked nose. Oh deary bugger, I’ve got the flu!

‘I’m a hardy worker, i’ll see it through!’ you think to yourself, questioning what you’ll do on the days you can’t work. Worry begins to run through your mind, gathering pace with each waking second, ‘what will I do when I’m ill? I don’t get paid when I work!’

It’s a connundrum that’s plagued the self-employed since day one: what to do when you’re ill and you feel you can’t work, but also feel that you need to?

Well, for most people, the number of days spent sick will be significantly outnumbered by the days spent working. So it’s important to put some money aside for the days when you may not be able to work.

As I learned from experience this week, it’s important that you focus on getting better first and making money second. I’ve had flu twice in the last four years: the first time I was so determined to carry on I ran myself into the ground and was out of action for about two weeks because I got the flu so bad. This time, however, I was better prepared. I bought flu medicine, throat medicine and had a supply of oranges at the ready. I tucked myself up in bed, put on rubbish tv and settled in to beat the hell out of the flu. Following from this strategy, I was all fixed in about 5 days. I was able to work, however, after the third day.

Therefore my advice to you if you get ill and you work from home is to take time out, chill and focus on getting better. You’re more likely to make mistakes if you work when you’re ill and you’re more likely to prolong the illness. If you’re well and you’re reading this, make sure you keep some emergency money aside for when you’re too ill to work.

Hope that helps.


Dan Little

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November 9, 2011 at 11:55 am

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