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Revealing Secrets

by Dan on November 1, 2011

This feels a little bit like I’m revealing my best poker hand, but I’ll do it anyway. I’m going to tell you about blogs and why they’re good little earners. There’s nothing quite like revealing your money makers to the world, is there?

All joking aside, blogs are an excellent way of generating a stable revenue stream to compliment other little earners that you may have going on. They’re a great opportunity to showcase to the world whatever it is you have to offer in a concise and informative way. The better your style of writing, the better the quality of the blog you produce.

In today’s internet-savvy world, blogs are an increasingly influential medium which can be used to promote products, ideas and services. You can make money on a blog by either a) advertising other people’s products on banners, or b) reviewing products and providing links to those products, for which you are paid on a commission basis.

One tip I’d have to give you is to try and be as honest as possible. I write reviews, but I write honestly. If I don’t think a product is any good then it doesn’t make it onto the blog. Likewise, I also like to use the blog to promote other ideas that I don’t review. Hopefully, this means that people find Little Earner genuinely useful, which is first and foremost what I intended this blog to be.

On a personal note, I started Little Earner not to make much money, but because I genuinely enjoy writing articles. The fact I make a small amount of money from the banner ads on the site is, of course, a bonus. But that’s the other benefit of a blog, it allows you to form a connection with the outside world and write about things you find interesting, particularly if your number one goal isn’t to make money, but to write entertaining and informative posts. In this sense, a blog can be more of a hobby than an earner, but it also has the potential to earn you big bucks if you promote the right products.

In short, blogs are great fun and can provide a decent income, but don’t rely on them as a sole source of income, as they are difficult nuts to crack. Having said that, if you find one that people seem to like, then get ready to experience a windfall.


Dan Little

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