Rent your parking space for extra cash

by Dan on October 19, 2007

review rent parking space Rent your parking space for extra cash

If you have an allocated parking space for your home that you don’t use, or perhaps you have a spare garage near to your home, then you can make a nice regular income by renting your space. London parking is a nightmare and very expensive for commuters, particularly with the congestion charge and parking fees. If you have a spare allocated parking space, then you can rent it for several hundred pounds a month if the parking spot is in London! That’s quite a bit of extra income.

However, although prices in London are higher than most other places, you can still earn a fair bit by being close to cities, train stations, schools, universities, hospitals, docks and airports. For the person renting a space, it offers them the convenience of a dedicated space just for them along with savings in parking fees too. For you, clearly its valuable extra cash in your pocket. Some homes have two dedicated parking spaces, so if you only have one car in your household, you might want to rent a parking space to someone.

review rent parking map Rent your parking space for extra cash is an increasingly popular website that helps match parking space “landlords” with parking space “tenants”, making it easier for everyone to get what they want. Do have a play with their system, as you can find available parking spaces using Google Maps!

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Jane February 18, 2008 at 7:57 pm

There are lots of websites out there now – is currently free for everyone to use!

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