Referrals Make Money | Are They Worth It?

by Dan on December 27, 2009

make money referrals

You have a website, you have customers, they have friends who don’t visit your site. The obvious solution is for your customers to be prompted to tell and add their friends to your website. How will this make you money? More customers equals more potential sales.

There is another way around this. Let’s say your website does not sell anything, but makes more money than a strictly sales orientated website. How? You might ask. Well, it’s simple. Those characters in films who tip off the police or gangsters with new happenings, they do it for money. Websites are no different, except for a lack of guns and badges.

Referring visitors to a site who buy from there or subscribe will receive an affiliate payment or commission. Many online companies or sole traders offer their web space as a crossroads for visitors to choose the next website they jump to. Payments may only be small, tiny sometimes, but instead of selling your own products, you can add in related websites who might have millions more visitors that can make you more money than your own. is a great website to link to. Even though eBay commands a high portion of auction sales, Amazon still has a massive market share. With fixed prices, customer conversion rates are high. It’s in the detail. Amazon has structured, well laid out content that reads better than some illiterate who pops up an advert on eBay. That’s not to say eBay isn’t worth linking to, but Amazon seems to have a more professional online presence.

Even if you only make ?10 or ?50 through decent referrals, they’ll always be one monster purchase which will make your hairs stand on edge. Let’s stay with Amazon for a second. You have a blogging website and have rich content, which search engine crawlers love and have a referral to a Sony Vaio AW31XY/Q which costs ?2999.00. Your referral percentage will then be paid. If that happens a few times a month with different websites, you can sit back and watch the pounds roll in.

Most of the time, referrals to websites, if the conversion rate or cost per click is high enough, could bring an averagely visited site owner ?100 per month. Look at this income as a bill payer. If you have a regular amount coming in, you can forget about your gas and electric bills. They’re covered.

Having your fingers in many referral pies is a great way of having lots of avenues of income. They require very little work, although getting the visitors is the main hurdle, which a decent dose of search engine optimization will help.

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