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Property Mentor – Make Money With Property Investment

by Dan on March 22, 2010

Proven to produce annual returns of 25% and never go into negative value, property investment is the perfect make money tool for investors looking to supplement their income on the side.

Free from the risks of stocks, shares, bonds and forex trading, with the support of a quality property course such as the Property Mentor System, property investment can easily help you to experience £500-£1,000 positive cash flows per property per month for as little as 1 hours work a week.

How does property investment work?

Unlike property renovation where properties are bought with the intention of renovating and selling for capital growth, buy to let works very differently.

Find a property that is proven to produce 125% of its monthly mortgage repayments, and not only will banks happily help you to invest in bigger and better properties, but with the right investment strategies you will also be able to invest using little, if any, of your own money.

There truly is no financial risk involved as your tenants and your bank will pay for it all! All the mortgage payments… all the bills… all the taxes… Everything…

What is the Property Mentor system?

Created by property experts with over 20+ years of property investment experience; the Property Mentor system essentially comprises of 8 proven investment strategies that will effectively help you to research, stack and assess the profitability of your properties all from the comfort of your own home.

There is no wasting time viewing property or travelling across the country. With the support of Property Mentor system you will effectively be able to escape all the obstacles of trial and error and invest in property 100% confident that you are only investing in the right properties in the right locations at the right price.

What do I get with Property Mentor?

Offering an initial free 2 hour taster session to give you the freedom to determine if property investment is right for you, should you progress onto their full course you can benefit from:

  • Full 2 day weekend workshop
  • 8 proven investment strategies
  • Team of financial experts including IFA’s, brokers and negotiators
  • Extensive range of landlord resource forms
  • Guarantee of a cash flowing within 12 months of becoming a Property Mentor delegate
  • Deal analyser and research software that will enable you to calculate the positive cash flow of the property before you invest
  • 20 in-house lenders who recognise the Property Mentor system and know it works
  • 30 day action plan

Even experienced property investors will be able to walk away from this property course with a new insight into how to make money from property investment.

Click here and discover how Property Mentor can help YOU to retire in the next 5 years

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