Problems with EnglandBux, Progress with

by Dan on November 21, 2007

buxto balance Problems with EnglandBux, Progress with
Balance for Buxto

Issues with EnglandBux

I’ve been experiencing lots of problems with EnglandBux lately. Virtually no emails to click on, then lots of downtime, then the web server appeared to be compromised with it redirecting to Amazon using an affiliate link. I checked my balance and it looks like they’ve lost a large number of my clicks too. So my suggestion, avoid EnglandBux now. It looks like they’re full of hype and are a disappointment.

Good News with

I’ve been getting into the habit of clicking on adverts via daily recently. I do this clicking whilst doing other work on the computer first thing in the morning. This habit has just paid off, and I’ve now got the minimum $10 in my account to get a payment (as shown above). I’ve requested a payment, so am interested to see how long it takes to get paid now. seem to be the only PTC system that is known not to be a scam, so I am hopeful.

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