Paid Survey Companies Prospering in the Recession

by Charlie on June 11, 2009

woman paid survey Paid Survey Companies Prospering in the RecessionHi, my name’s Charlie.

Dan has kindly asked me to do a guest post this week whilst he is on holiday. With the current economic climate, I decided to talk about one area that is still booming – the internet.



One of the internets greatest assets is the ability to transfer information with ever increasing ease resulting in a “shrinking of the globe”. Here is where paid survey companies step in. Consumer opinion is an extremely valuable commodity in today’s highly competitive markets and large corporations are investing substantial amounts of capital to gain this information. Many are cashing in on this opportunity from retired people, web site owners, work from home moms, students and of course – the paid survey companies themselves.

The income opportunities are almost endless as paid survey companies are paying participants for online product trials (up to $50 per product), surveys (up to $75 per survey), phone surveys (up to $95 per hour) and even focus groups (up to $175 per hour).

Mike Law, CEO of states

Paid surveys are by far the most popular choice for our visitors. Over 60% of them work from home and are looking for another income source. You have the choice to work the hours you wish, which is a huge factor, as well as the potential to make a substantial amount of money.”

As the internet continues to develop, who knows what further opportunities will arise as we progress further into the information age. One thing that is evident is that people are looking for new ways to supplement their income and improve their lifestyles and with today’s technology, it is becoming more of a reality for people.

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