Opportunities: Will You Miss Another?

by Dan on October 20, 2011

Any fans of rugby will have read the recent comments that Warren Gatland made following Wales’ agonising defeat to France, after the mighty Dragons missed out on the final by just a point after losing their inspirational Captain just 17 minutes into the first half to a red card. A common theme prevalent in all comments (second only to his criticism of the ref’s decision) is that he rues all the chances that Wales missed to put themselves ahead of France.

Missed chances: opportunities that could, and should, have been taken are part of everyday life. As, unfortunately, is missing those chances. It’s only logical to assume that taking these chances would vastly improve one’s quality of life, but destiny seems to have other ideas: you either willingly or misguidedly turn down such chances, or you are forced to miss them because of circumstances out of your control. But what if you took every chance possible to take?

Well, who knows? Just like we’ll never know whether Wales could have won the World Cup, you can never know where those chances would have taken you.

But chances present themselves again. In 2015, the year of the next Rugby World Cup, I am confident that a youthful, inexperienced Welsh side will have developed into an inspirational and exceptional side, one keen to prove themselves after this year’s devastation. As, hopefully, will England, Scotland and Ireland – all of whom have adroit players with plenty to prove.

Just as with these rugby teams, you too can prove to yourself that you’re not one to miss chances and settle for second best. The average person apparently has at least 5 ideas that could make money during their lifetime (I don’t know how this was proved!), but most people either choose to ignore these ideas or cannot see them develop due to circumstance. But what if you took a chance? What if you spent time making sure that you made the most of every opportunity?

Well, you could become an unstoppable financial powerhouse or, at the very least, a little better off. So the next time you see an opportunity come along, what will you do?


Dan Little

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