New Year, New Goals to Make Money Ideas

by Dan on January 7, 2010

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It’s the new year, happy new year everyone, and usually the time when people look back and reflect on what they achieved last year and people start setting themselves goals for the new year, so before we start with my goals I thought we could look into other people’s potential goals:-

Quit the 9-5 and start to make money from home.
When people ask me what I do I tell them, which usually means I get about 20 questions, then … “ooh that is something I have always wanted to get into” then followed by another 20 questions. Which I actually enjoy because not only is it interesting to hear what someone with make money ideas think they would like to achieve but also the ideas are intriguing and spark a lot of ideas for me. What I would suggest for anyone with this goal is firstly create a site, research the area of the internet that you want to make money from, see if you still are committed to the idea and then take it from there.

Find new and different ways to earn money
It is a good idea to keep your ideas fresh and try new and different ways to make money online. Here are some the best ideas that I have covered on LittleEarner:-

Receive My First Pay Out
When you first decide that you want to work online you get all excited about your new venture, you work really hard to create a site and build it into a great site but all you really want is the first sign that you are a success but it can be hard if you are struggling and are not sure where you are going wrong. Trying new ideas and sharing ideas is a good way to extend your knowledge and turn yourself into a success. Start making money online.

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