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My, My, This Here Anakin Guy: What Can You Learn From Star Wars?

by Dan on November 2, 2011

Or, more specifically, George Lucas…

Ok, so perhaps not the most obvious title, but bear with me. When Star Wars was released, most people questioned George Lucas’ business acumen for waiving his substantial director’s fee, but such was Lucas’ faith in the marketability of Star Wars that he elected to hedge his bets on the merchandising rights. This bold and courageous move saw Lucas earn hundreds of millions of dollars from the sale of licences, toys, games and collectables.

In fact, he earned enough money to finance the sequel of Star Wars himself. This demonstrates more than anything the importance of having a visceral approach to business, providing that you also exercise discretion and use common sense where necessary.

If your gut tells you to go for something and you genuinely believe it’s possible, even if all those around you show doubt, then go for it. Prove to the doubters that you’ve got the tenacity and foresight to make something work.

But you must be tenacious in your approach to making things work: no-one gets anything by giving up easily. If you want to set up your own business, don’t even think about it if you’re a quitter.  And definitely don’t do it if you read that statement and thought, ‘I’m a quitter, perhaps I shouldn’t set up my own business.’

Doubt yourself and you give credit to all those who doubt you.  But believe and you can achieve.

Anyway, enough cheese for today. I wish you all the success with any endeavour. Please post any success stories underneath this post, who knows, you might just get a mention in another post!

Many thanks,

Dan Little

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