More Paid-To-Click sites and Earnings

by Dan on August 18, 2007

As promised, here’s some information about some more Paid-To-Click systems that I’ve been experimenting with. Admittedly, the best way to earn from these systems is to get referrals who also click on adverts, etc. But here’s how well I’ve been doing over 5 days:

AdBux: $0.12 $0.44 (1 referrals)
EnglandBux: £0.21 (in GBP, not USD)
Wordlinx: $0.20

You can also buy referrals to boost your earnings, but I’ve yet to do that. I’ll report on my progress when I do.

You can see how much I earn through these ideas by looking at My Earnings page. It’s not fully complete yet, I still have to add the gambling systems.

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