Advertising is one of the best ways to earn money from an established website that has lots of visitors. This is because an advertiser will pay money to have visitors interested in the same sort of topic as their website. e.g. if you have a gadget site, then gadget-related advertisers will typically be interested in advertising on your site.

The contextually relevant advertising is very important, since matching an advertiser to the audience of a website will yield the greatest results. e.g. a website about gambling should not advertise baby clothes. This is quite an obvious example of mismatched advertising. Why would a gambler want baby clothes! Very few would!

Here are a few advertising techniques:

  • Google Adsense – A great way to advertise is to use Google Adsense, since it provides contextually related adverts on your site without any intervention from you. Simply copy and paste the HTML into your site, and Google will automatically select advertising relating to your site for you.
  • Direct Advertising – simply contact companies selling products and services related to yours and offer advertising on your site for a monthly fee. Affiliate Schemes might be a better option for any medium to large company.

You should always create an interesting site and target it towards your potential and actual visitors. That way, they’ll keep coming back and you can exploit advertising, affiliate schemes, etc. Never build your site soley for the purpose of advertising, as you will make virtually nothing as a result.

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