Money from Websites

This information relates to earning cash from running a website. This information will constantly evolve as I learn different techniques for promoting websites that earn cash.

There are many “make millions of dollars with your own website” types of packages out there, please don’t fall for these flimsily put together websites that only offer a few knocked together eBooks!

I bought the product Genuine Income Streams which shows you step-by-step instructions on how to conquer a niche online and they even have several websites for free that are given away weekly so no coding know-how is needed!

After getting more serious about making money online and learning about affiliate programs I invested in the slighly more expensive product Underground Affiliate Secrets which had some incredible tips on how to make your website sell, sell, sell!!

The basic ways to monetise a website include:

  • Advertising – advertise sites that are related to yours in some way.
  • Affiliate Schemes – you can recommend services and products, and earn money from purchases made on the target site by your visitors.
  • Sell a Product or Service – simply sell a product or service that you can supply. If you can make a product or provide the service yourself, usually you’ll get the best returns.

Here are a few websites that I strongly recommend you visit, as they offer great tips on making money from websites:

  • Paid 2 Review – This chap focuses on providing really easy to follow information in very well written articles. The site is updated about once a week, and is quickly becoming a top resource for money making ideas.

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