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Middle-Aged & Elderly Out of Employment And Into Prosperity!

by Dan on October 4, 2011

So, the pension age is set to rise and people are working longer and longer. To add to the misery, pensions are facing drastic cuts, much to the fury of a tired and weary workforce. Many argue that it is a plight that faces only their country, blaming their own governments for failing older generations.

As true as this may be, its effect is not confined to any particular country and figures suggest a worldwide trend in the declining standards of the treatment of the ‘golden oldies.’

With such hardship, however, comes a sense of resilience and defiance. A unique and unifying sense of determination is spreading amongst the older generations, reminiscent of their baby boomer generation.

In employment, the statistics are stacked against you older folks (to any younger ones, remember that you too will grow old): rising rates of unemployment, decreased pay and lower living standards.

Cue the trumpets and the roll call of the brave. Those brave few who decide that their experience and skill is worth more than redundancy; those who believe that they have grown tired of being a ‘cog’ in the machine.

‘Why be the cog?’ questions my 59-year-old neighbour, David, ‘I want to be the engine!’  A wry smile spreads across his face as he divulges precious details about how he refused to bow to this uncomfortable trend.

‘It started with my grandson,’ he explains, ‘he’s getting into his teens and is forever on the computer. I’d never really used one before, so I enrolled on a course and ordered some broadband. I picked it up surprisingly quickly, went to a few conferences and decided that I’d try making some money online.’

So he did. Okay, it took him about a year to get into the swing of it, but looking back on it he smiles fondly and says the journey has been more than worth it.

‘Where would I rather be?’ he asks rhetorically, ‘I can tell you the year long struggle has been worth it. It feels like I’ve been working towards something.’

And this attitude is growing in popularity amongst people ages 55-64, for good reason too, it seems. Though navigating the inevitable sea of scams and wrong turns is difficult, it is possible. And the rewards for doing so are difficult to quantify; of course, money is easy to put into numbers, but the satisfaction and improvement of quality of life is more difficult to assess. Talking to David, however, it becomes apparent that the improvement is vast.

So, if you want to live like a certain Mr. Heffner, the answer is simple: read through our site, look at your options and then follow your heart. For David, it was a combination of paid surveys, selling his prized model trains on ebay that gave him the extra money to enjoy the finer things in life; such as a trip to Sweden (ok, it’s not exactly incredibly exotic, but he’s loved Sweden since he was little – and it’s very expensive).

Of course, any questions you have, feel free to post on either this article or any others.

Many thanks,

Dan Little

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