Making Money through Affiliate Programs Experiment

by Dan on May 20, 2008

Under the make money from website link in the top navigation I have touched on how you can make money online using affiliate programs. I have decided to go into this topic in more detail.

The money that I am earning through paid surveys and the other money making programs is slowly increasing each month but it’s still not enough to make me rich!

With this money making experiment I want to provide you with valuable information on how you can make money online. You can follow my steps and set-up your own internet business. Then follow each experiment and learn the most profitable ways of making money online.

For all of those that are new to this affiliate marketing is the art of making money online by promoting other people’s products or services.

Affiliate programs are probably the easiest way to start an online business and start making money on the internet. You can start making money immediately via a website, blogs, article directories, social bookmarking and emails.

Another great thing about affiliate programs is that you don’t have to worry about the payment processing, developing a product, holding stock, dealing with orders, shipping products or dealing with any customer enquires. The affiliate program do all of this for you, all you need to do, is to get people to click through your affiliate link.

For this money making experiment I am going to create two affiliate websites one website targeting the make money niches and another website targeting the weight loss niche.

To get started I have decided to sign up to the following 3 affiliate programs:

There are literally thousands of affiliate programs online. I decided on these three programs after carrying out a few days research into the most reliable affiliate programs that offer great commissions, good support and have a large selection of high converting products to promote in various niches.

Google AdSense:

I have signed up to Google AdSense because it allows you to earn money fast and easy. It will allow me to put targeted adverts on my website and I will earn a commission each time a visitor clicks on them.

I don;t expect Google Adwords to make me a lot of money. However, it is an easy and fast way to generate revenue without having to worry about the click through converting into an actual sale.


After reading through various webmaster forums and reading great things about MoreNiche I decided to sign-up and give them a go. After signing-up my first impression of the program is very good. They have a great selection of products in a variety of niches with very high commissions up to $200 per sale. They look they will convert well too, but we will see!
The thing that has impressed me the most is the amount of resources available in their affiliate membe’s area. There are more resources available than any other affiliate program I have ever joined including a huge selection of free marketing guides, website templates and articles.

Joe Bucks:

Joe Bucks is an herbal supplement affiliate program. I signed up to this program because they have a large selection of weight loss and other health related products which is perfect for the weight loss targeted site. With each sale you make 50% up to $120 which is also a very attractive proposition.


ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate programs online with over 100,000 affiliates and over 10,000 digital products for you to promote. ClickBank have a massive selection of products from just about every niche you can think of and offer commissions up to 75%. They have probably the largest selection of make money programs on the net, so ClickBank will make up the majority of the reviews on my make money niche website.

I now need to select the keywords I will be targeting for each Niche and choose which products I’m going to promote.

I’ll write soon about what methods I am going to use to carry out my keyword research, so stay tuned.

See you soon!

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