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Making Money Online Is Not A Myth

by Dan on December 6, 2011

I’m getting fed up of the question, asked by friends and strangers alike, of whether making money online is a realistic possibility. Of course it is, otherwise why would I be writing this blog? I don’t take several hours out of  each and every day to write posts about something that doesn’t exist.

People have this strange idea that because they can’t touch or feel the internet it somehow is not as real as the high street. Some people don’t understand the concept of making money online and, even if they understand the concept, choose to believe that all the ‘supposed opportunities’ are scams.

This also annoys me: if every make money opportunity was a scam, then they wouldn’t be so popular, would they?

Sorry for the rant, but it really has started to annoy me recently. Particularly annoying is when my friends stand there in the house I bought with money made on the internet, drinking the drink bought with money made on the internet, sitting on the sofas bought with money made on the internet (in fact, they were also bought on the internet!) and question how easy it is for people to make money…on the internet!

As if, at this point, it isn’t self-evident. Time and time again I tell them to look around at everything I own and point out that it was bought using money I made online. Yet time and time again they will sit there and let some pessimistic instinct take over that tells them everything is a scam. Well, here’s the best advice I’ll ever give to you: be cautious about scams, but be open when it comes to new ideas. If you’re too critical, you’ll miss some fantastic opportunities.

My Top Earner and my Little Earners do at times sound too good to be true, but they’re honestly not. So you can either sit there and laugh at the people ‘gullible’ enough to believe the claims made here, or you can sit there and laugh at the people stupid enough to pass up such a great opportunity. I guess either way you’re getting laughed at, but I know I’d take being ‘gullible’, but rich, over ‘sensible’ and poor any day!


Dan Little

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