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Make Your Opinion Count!

by Dan on November 30, 2011

Why paid online surveys are perfect for you!

If there’s one thing some people like more than anything else on the internet, it is the opportunity to say something anonymously. You can make your opinions known and engage in a heated debate about who’s right and who’s wrong. If you’re the kind that likes to make your opinions known, or if you just want to make some extra cash, try out paid online surveys!

Paid online surveys do what they say on the tin; they get you to complete surveys for a small cash sum. You can usually complete a few a day and earn enough to supplement your own income nicely. Best of all, however, is that you can give your honest opinion on products.

How it works:

The company gives you a survey on its products or services, which you then complete and return to the company. The survey usually consists of questions relating to all aspects of its product or service and can be quite lengthy at times. Nevertheless, these surveys usually take a matter of minutes to complete and usually pay out about $20/£13 per survey. This doesn’t sound like much, but as I said, it only takes a matter of minutes to complete. So if you churn out 4 an hour, thats £52/$78 an hour!

Of course, how much you can make an hour depends on the particular survey involved and how many are on offer at the time, but you can see how easy this is to do!

How likely am I to make lots of money?

In all honesty, surveys aren’t the kind of thing you can do to make a proper income, but you can make a nice BONUS income off them. In fact, you can make a very, very nice bonus income off them, particularly considering how quickly you can do them. So, if you’re just looking for a bit of extra cash here and there, try paid online surveys and you’ll find yourself addicted in no time!

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Dan Little

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