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by Dan on June 15, 2009

ebay money Make Money with eBay : ChangesEbay has announced it’s latest scheduled ammendments in the first of this years bi-annual changes. I’ve compiled a short list of the main changes along with the implications for the buyers/sellers.

BUYING IMPROVEMENTS – New item page, basic photo zooming, catalog-pages, multi-sku/variations (there are like 10 names for this one), buyer incentives.

Buyers – These are all good improvements for buyers. I’m not sure about the catalog pages yet as I don’t know how well consumers like them – they are definitely more of an attempt to “amazonifi” eBay.

Sellers – ‘Catalog’ is going to require a good bit of work for sellers not already using that system. However multi-sku is going to be a huge, Huge, HUGE change for sellers. I’ll do a separate post on this.

TRUST – Two big changes here, first is eBay are going to make it much easier for buyers to ask for and receive returns. There will be a common area where you can say “I want to return xxxx”. This is going to be a big change for sellers – many of whom will fight tooth and nail to not take any returns. This will also effect the many ‘as-is’ sellers on eBay.

Second, there’s the “eBay Resolutions”. This looks set to be a big one as it looks like eBay is moving to guarantee EVERY transaction.

Buyers – The proof is in the pudding, if this makes the return and/or disputes easier then it will definitely work out better for the buyers. If it rolls out with tons of caveats and limits and 10 step processes, it will be negative though.

Sellers – The ‘resolution’ part is going to put eBay in the middle of more disputes. eBay+paypal are known for quickly siding with buyers and then deducting the amount from your PP account. Sellers are going to hate that aspect of this -especially smaller sellers. Smaller sellers are going to really dislike the return policy and when you make returns easier and in buyer’s faces, returns spike up.

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