Make Money with Cashback Websites

by Dan on September 3, 2009

girl holding 20 Make Money with Cashback WebsitesWhether you’re shopping, buying gifts, signing up to insurance & banking products or making any purchase online, there’s a way to make money on those purchases using internet cashback websites. Some retailers pay up to £100 cashback – think of how much money that saves on a product or service you were going to buy anyway!

Better still, it’s possible to get cashback without even needing to spend; those who are dedicated can make £100s a year.



How Do Cashback Sites Work?

It’s really simple – Set up a free account with cashback sites such as Shop Money, log-in and then click on the product you’re interested in. When you make a transaction such as buying something, it’s recorded and you’re paid cash for doing so.


Why Do They Pay You?

Cashback sites take advantage of the way payments from one website to another work. They list product retailers, and when you click through to the websites, they get paid for ‘providing leads’ – in a similar way to how most web-adverts and affiliate marketing programs usually work.

Yet with a cashback site, when you’re logged in, the revenue raised from your click is attributed to you so the site can pay you some of the money it receives for the lead.


The Top Cashback Sites

TopCashBack :: One of a few sites paying out 100% of the cashback it receives – Most of the other 100% payers keep the first £5 you earn a year; it doesn’t.

CashBack Kings :: Set up by Rpoints – a reliable cashback website – Cashback Kings was created to compete with the 100% payout cash back sites and is easy to use and runs smoothly.

Shop Money :: Shop Money is a well established UK based cashback website which offers one of the best rates of cashback currently possible. The site is very well designed and easy to use, and has thousands of members already using the site to earn cashback on their Internet shopping.

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MAKING MONEY ON THE WEB September 4, 2009 at 8:15 am

Never heard of Cashback but maybe ill try it. You got me reading till the end so i guess it is worth my try. How huge can I earn from this?

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