How to Make Money Online – Without a Website!

by Dan on September 21, 2009

make money without website How to Make Money Online   Without a Website!If you do not have or want a website, this does not mean that you cannot make money online. It may limit your choices to one or two chances to earn, but you can still have a money making opportunity. Paid surveys are best to make money, as they do not require you to have your own website, spam the innocent, or rely on learning marketing techniques. You simply sign up, answer questions and give your opinion, and these simple steps end up making you richer.

Make money reviews will usually list other chances to earn cash online, apart from survey sites, in case you find questionnaires dull or tedious. Make money reviews have plenty of options to help you to make money online. However, you will need to check each offer out, as occasionally even a specialized list will have a scam. Affiliate programs are one of the next most popular choices. Once again, you do not have to have a website to participate, although having one can help. They help you to make money online by providing you with a unique link, through which any new customers generate you a commission income.

Affiliate programs offer you a money making opportunity providing you put in a little effort and spend some time online. Affiliate programs are the best to make money from if you enjoy hanging out in forums, at online communities, and chatting on message boards. Simply slipping your unique commission link into your signature at the base of each message you make can lead to several interested parties clicking through and if they buy, they will be making you richer. If you find that you are not getting enough people take interest in your signature, you can casually mention the offer or product of the company you are affiliate to. This should generate some added custom providing you do not go overboard or sound pushy.

One idea for a money making opportunity is to combine the two.

Several survey companies will provide you with a commission payment of between one and ten pounds for each new member that signs up from your recommendation. This is a great way of making you richer.

It is possible that both survey companies and other companies other affiliate opportunities will supply you with a free widget. If you do not want to bother with getting a website, you can still make money online by inserting your widget on your profile page at community websites. In this way, you do not have the expense or hassle of running a website, yet you can still get hundreds if not thousands of people consider clicking through your widget, making you richer if they proceed. It is often easier to direct people to your profile page than talk about a wonderful money making opportunity.

Just getting them to your page allows them to see for themselves the offer of the host company. It is likely that you are not alone in wanting to earn cash, and that many people straying onto your page will go further and help you whilst helping them.

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