Make Money Online From Misspelling

by Dan on December 18, 2009

seo misspellings

Search engine optimization is the best way to bring new customers to a website. The way they do it is to have accurate keywords and content that match up with what a searcher, with a wad of cash, types in.

Wait a minute, not all people type perfectly accurately. There are so many mis-spelt words, but search engines still bring up results. They don’t dismiss them, they offer alternatives to the real keywords. The searching public are hell bent on being lazy and impatient, why not use that to your advantage?

A sad fact is a large proportion of the public do not type in words that they need to. You can add keywords to your website to bring in more visitors. No one is going to inspect what they type in Google, they just want answers to their query and a lot of the times they have money to burn.

This goldmine, a niche almost, plays on the lackadaisical notion which today’s internet users are so determined on using. The era of text speak, which only came from limited SMS text spacing, seems to have won over the younger generation. I may be only 26 but for the love of the English language, please, just spell things correctly.

Instead of having a dire view of the future generation, why not play them at their own game and collect their money. If they cannot be bothered to spell words properly, you need to add those to your website. This will be a key factor in strengthening your website marketing practices.

Thousands upon thousands of searching customers sometimes just get their searching wrong. They may even deliberately do it, to entice a completely new search engine results page. Take a new, under-performing website for instance; they will look for search engine optimization. What about the US spelling of the word, optimization? Search engines pick the easy way to a website, if yours has factors that are relevant to the searcher, your ranking will heighten.

Customers may even have cottoned onto the misspelled or even misspelt keywords and decided to add them. They will not only have more reports to run to see which ones actually work, but tapping into a difficult market is far more lucrative. Making money from illiterate or lazy website searchers is a grand way of boosting your profits and status online.

The analysis of the data you get is vital to understanding which keywords are working and even if you aren’t a typist yourself, have a go at smashing some keywords down. Don’t look at the keyboard, just do it. If you mis-spell any, keep them for yourself.

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