How Do You Make Money Online Fast? Just Simply Ask For it!

by Dan on December 1, 2009

make money online fast How Do You Make Money Online Fast? Just Simply Ask For it!You heard me! Being shy about collecting other people’s money won’t get you anywhere. There is a simple method, use a tip box on your website. Whether you have a blog or offer advice pages in the midst of your products, if there is a tipping service available, the visitors might drop a few coins in.

This ‘service charge’ is the same as any other establishment, such as waiters and waitresses who receive tips. You might offer advice or even something as simple as a really funny joke. Then just as a Mariachi would stick out their hand, you offer a virtual one.

PayPal offer a tip box, which you can download straight from their site. Add the code to your web page and up pops the highly recognizable PayPal logo. This gives it a little more edge, but remember those withdrawal charges might sting a little.

Viewers may be compelled to offer financial backing, if for example, you have excellently written content, which explains why they should help. Whether you donate to charities and show off your fund raising abilities, you could ask for a monetary reward. It’s a bit cheeky, but you have a website to run and pay for. There’s no such thing as a free lunch is there?

WordPress also has a plug-in that offers the same sort of deal but keeps it more relaxed. It’s called “Buy me a beer”. Experience showing power phrases can have a call to action far greater than an extended hand of donation. Buying someone a beer is cheap; it may even be a way of emptying the odd PayPal money left in your account that is worthless. A beer is a few pounds, so if you bump into someone in a pub, you buy them a beer. There’s no difference.

Collecting extra money here, there and everywhere soon mounts up. This extra stream of income is perfect to let it build and forget about. It might even be best to leave it for a year, still coax customers or viewers to do it, and see the annual total.

If you run a blog website, you can actively promote your services by asking for a little reward from your readers. Give them something in return for donating, free of course, but it creates a bond and they will become a regular visitor. These frequent visitors will no doubt check out your entire website, clicking links everywhere. OK, so that might just be in a perfect world, but a donation button or buy me a beer/martini/coffee plug-in does work. If you want money, just ask for it.

Dan Signature How Do You Make Money Online Fast? Just Simply Ask For it!

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