Make Money with ebay | Take Advantage of Sellers Mistakes

by Dan on November 20, 2009

caution Make Money with ebay | Take Advantage of Sellers Mistakes People who sell on eBay sometimes get it right. They use good keywords, strong sales techniques and offer a decent price that undercuts the high street shops. Other eBay sellers, however, make a mess of their sales adverts. They write poorly, with numerous spelling and grammatical errors and worst of all, list their items in a difficult to find category.

These sellers will not only waste their money on eBay fees but will probably end up re-listing the same advert many times over until someone finally sells it. They will take any low bid, as eBay winners are bound to a contract anyway, and think they have finally sold that pesky item. Buying products at low prices, which is sometimes easier from public sellers not big companies and then selling higher, using a proper sales technique and listing it in a few relevant categories can see big profit margins.

You may think eBay is past its best now and has been ruined by foreign products, spammers and bad sellers. However, they do still offer an amazing platform to shout about your business and sell items in bulk quickly to make good money from online selling.

Let’s say we use eBay to sell the items you buy. There are so many more auction sites and free classifieds websites to choose from. You can pick up bargains from lots of places to sell on at a higher rate. The key things to note are:

  • You need to know the product inside out. What it is worth and what people buy it for.
  • Quick transactions and having a float or cash fund to buy products when they pop up out of the blue. This always happens at bad times, so prepare for it.
  • Keep the stock moving. Once you buy it, try to have a seller lined up.

Use traditional methods to find second hand or cheap goods. Look in your local newspapers, free ads papers and even in supermarket message boards. These are where you find those gems, the Hasselblad 2000FC/M camera for £100, or a classic car such as a Fiat 500 kept garaged from the 1960s for a few hundred pounds. This is where the money is. Some people do not know the value of their items. So pick a subject matter you know lots about, or just simply learn one, stick to it (at first) and watch the profits come in.

Keeping your mind set on making a profit is the main factor. Even if it is a small one, an income is an income. You don’t need to get greedy, just make a few pounds on each item.

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