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by Dan on August 4, 2009

make money ideas Make Money Ideas :: EbooksSelling ebooks online can be a very profitable online business if you get it right. The majority of visitors to the web are looking for information, if you can provide them with all the information that they can’t easily get for free – they will pay you for it. In some cases, people will pay for information that they CAN get for free, if the information is packaged in an easy-to-read way.

Here are the basic steps you need to sell an ebook online:

What Should I Write About?

There are three main areas to look at when choosing the topic of an ebook:

1. Are you going to enjoy being involved with it?

2. Will people pay for it?

3. Are there already lots of products out there on the same topic? Or, is your product in some way unique?

Only you can answer question number one. Remember that if you are really enthusiastic about something then you are much more likely to be successful at it. If you are just doing something for the money, then success is still possible but can be more difficult, and not as enjoyable.

To answer question number two you will need to do some market research. Ask people who fit into your target market if they would buy the product. Don’t ask them if they “like your product”, because most people will say “yes”, just to be nice. Ask if they would buy it, and how much they would pay.

Also you need to research what people are searching for on the Internet Are they searching for information on your product? You can do this using Google’s keyword tool.

The last thing you need to know is if there is a lot of competition in the same area. Search on google for your product area. What sites come up in the top 10 search results? Are they all competing products to your idea? If so, can you develop a slightly different niche that will make you different from all the other products out there.

Writing Your Ebook

This is the area a lot of people are nervous about. If you are not competent with your own writing abilities, remember there are a lot of freelance websites such as Elance where you can hire a professional copywriter to generate the content of the ebook. It’s then just up to you to pull it all together.

Compiling Your Ebook

This is a crucial step. A few things to look out for when you are choosing software to compile your ebooks are:

1. Is it in a form that is easy to download and for people to read?

2. Can you protect the ebook?

3. Does it look professional, make sure it doesn’t have the logo of the ebook software on the finished product.

4. Easy to use with help pages plus technical support available if you get into trouble.

I would personally recommend adobe to create professional pdf ebooks. Although there are many ebook compilers and free pdf tools available such as Primo PDF and CutePDF.

Promoting Your Ebook

So you’ve got your ebook ready to go – Now what? Well you’ll need a portal through which to promote and sell your ebook. The main things you will need are:

1. Domain Name – If you are planning to sell the book through your own web portal, you will need your own web presence – ie a website. and are two good hosting suppliers and registrars. even provides you with FREE hosting for your domain if you allow adverts to be placed in the header of the site.

2. Your Own Site – Template Monster has an enormous collection of professional web site templates, or you could go down the WordPress route and use a free WP template.

3. Payment Gateway – There are many options here. Two of the best are Paypal – Probably the least expensive and easiest to implement. Or an affiliate network such as ClickBank not only handles the payments, but also can help you market your new ebook through their thousands of affiliates.

Making Sales

In order to make any sales of your ebook, you will need the traffic to the site to generate the sales. This means actively making sure the people who are looking for your information, can find it. There are two main ways of getting traffic to your site:

1. Search engine optimisation is the least expensive but most time consuming way to do this, building links to your site and gaining rankings in the search engines for your chosen search terms.

2. Pay Per Click marketing (PPC) This is the quickest way to get hits to your site. And the hits will be people that are specifically looking for your product. The only problem with this method is that it costs you money for each visitor.

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