Make Money From FaceBook Friends

by Dan on December 16, 2009

make money with facebook

facebook Make Money From FaceBook FriendsHave you ever wondered if there’s a way to make some cash from all your FaceBook friends? Well luckily there is!

Hopefully you know about Online Affiliate Programs where you can earn a commission if you send someone to a product website such as Amazon or Boots. Signing up to affiliate programs is usually free (don’t ever pay a charge) and you can usually make between 3-20% commission for the products you promote.
Most e-commerce sites such as Amazon Associates will give you a commission if the person buys the product you promote or ANY other product on the site; once someone enters the site through your tracking link you can make money from them in LOTS of different ways.

So how do you get people from FaceBook to the e-commerce site?

  • You firstly need to sign up to the affiliate area of the e-commerce site; you’ll find a link named “affiliate program” or “associate program” in the footer of the site usually.
  • Get the tracking link for the product you want to promote to your FaceBook friend within the affiliate program. If your friend ever mentions about an upcoming game he/she wishes to buy then get a tracking link for that same game. If they wish for a new pair of shoes then go and grab an affiliate link for a pair of shoes that they might like to buy, you get the picture.
  • Now use a URL shortening service such as to shorten the tracking link; this will hide the link to the person who may click on it. Your FaceBook friend won’t be able to tell there clicking on a tracking link unless they know a lot about website design.
  • Now simply post the shortened link on to their wall or within a private message alongside a message mentioning about the product they may be interested in. Don’t spam your friends with unnecessary links, just be useful and patient!

If one of your friends buys the product you promote then you will get a commission for the sale. Some sites even allow you to get lifetime commissions on any customers you send them such as online casinos or poker rooms; you could get a huge amount of money if one of your friends likes to gamble a lot!

You can also use the affiliate links for yourself if you fancied buying something from the site or convince people to do their Christmas shopping through your link earning you a handy Christmas bonus for free.

The possibilities are endless, now all you have to is make lots of friends and show them lots of great products to buy, good luck!

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victor December 24, 2009 at 9:39 am

thanks for the update, now i’ld see what to do about it

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