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by Dan on December 15, 2009

make money forum

Online forums are a simple way to gather together hundreds or even thousands of likeminded individuals. Let’s say you love classic cars. People from all over the world will join up to chat and share ideas. Classic cars are usually rare and parts tend to become expensive. What better way to get fans, owners and business people together than on one message board.

Making money from a forum needs a slight tweak on just being a public message board. You could charge a fee to be able to sell products on there. You could add a membership fee, as this really only comes into play further down the line when your site is being visited lots of times, or to keep out spammers.

Using Google Ads on the forum will pick out relevant products. You make a small cut from every time a forum member clicks the link and purchases something. Sticking with the classic car theme, a relevant company selling rare parts would most likely be clicked on and bought from, as you have already gathered potential customers in one site.

Collecting a vast amount of potential customers in one website will bring in many streams of income. Whether you charge for entrance, listing for sale products or taking a slight commission for every item sold, there’s definitely money to be made from a forum.

Having multiple adverts which appeal to the forum members will no doubt entice the click through rate, which in turn will allow you to make money. As a high number of internet users might not know the costs of advertising a forum and the daily running. Explaining these costs might give an insight into why a membership is charged or highlight their involvement when clicking the Google Ads that appear.

With a forum, you can create newsletters or blogs. These need to be content rich, with many relevant keywords, which in turn will help your search engine ranking. Instead of classic car companies popping up, your forum will be. Members register to your forum and find more information and relevant parts companies.

Another slight variation would be to use a forum if you have products of your own to sell. Look at They sell their own range of dog collars and accessories. They bring together dog lovers and run charity events. This reputation building process will bring them streams of income. Sometimes they even just ask for money using their donation box. You can’t be afraid to be shy when it comes to money.

Forums aren’t a new craze or a fresh way of thinking. Having one is a bonus but they need regular attention to make big money.

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