How to Make Money Flipping a Website

by Dan on September 29, 2009

website flipping How to Make Money Flipping a WebsiteFlipping a website is simply the process of buying a domain name and then selling it for more money – so if you’d prefer something a little more challenging (and potentially a lot more profitable) than taking paid surveys, then website flipping might just be for you.

It’s a much longer process, but the time you invest in this make money idea can net you a lot of cash. Not only that, but there’s also more than one way of doing it, as you’re about to find out.

There is an ever growing band of people who have figured out that flipping websites is a great way to build up skills, knowledge and an impressive income at the same time.

The basic idea starts with you looking for a topic/niche that performs well online. Once you have a successful website on that topic (which you’ll do in one of the following two ways) you can offer it for sale to someone else for more than you paid for it (hence the potential profit)

The first way to do this is to start from scratch by;

  • selecting a domain name
  • building a website around it
  • increasing the traffic to the site
  • making conversions from the traffic you are recieving

This can take some time as you will need to get the site indexed in Google before you can take advantage of the amount of search engine traffic that can come your way.

The idea is to build a site that has real money making potential, as well as being able to generate a greater volume of traffic. You can do this by integrating elements such as Google Adsense, affiliate links and paid advertising into the site – and in some cases, paid memberships as well.

The second route to follow is easier – but requires a bit more research on your part. If the idea of building a site from scratch doesn’t appeal to you, or you don’t have the technical knowledge to set it up, then this method should be the one to try. The trick is to look for a website that someone has built which is getting a reasonable amount of traffic. Keyword research will reveal those subject areas and keywords which are popular online, and it is these kinds of websites you should be looking for – something that will ALWAYS be pulling in traffic.

The fact is that you can’t simply pick a great domain name and stick a few articles and affiliate links on a website and expect it to make money. It takes time and effort, and that’s why websites which have the potential to do really well end up failing – It’s not so much the site as the owner in many cases.

If you make a reasonable offer to that owner for their website, the chances are good that they will be only too pleased to get shot of the site. And that gives you the chance to get in there and really develop it in order to build on the traffic and potential it already has.

After a few months – when you are earning a dollar or more every day from your website – you can think about selling it. There are a number of websites and forums that have sections for flipping websites to other people, and depending on the profits you are making and the traffic you are getting you could make anything between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars by flipping just one site!

Once you’ve made a success of your first website, you’ll have no doubt learned a lot from the experience, it’s now just a case of ‘rinse and repeat!’ There is no limit to the number of websites you can flip at any one time, although don’t forget you need a few months to go by before you make your first sale since you need your websites to develop before you can flip them. Once you get the ball rolling though you can expect to be selling one or more every week!

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