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Make Money by Offering a Service

by Dan on June 20, 2012

Most methods of making money online take a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication and most of all a lot of time. This is something that it is pointed out very often because it is entirely true. If someone is looking to make money online quickly it may well be because they are in a desperate situation and don’t have the time to put in lots of work, they need instant results. The good news is that money can be made quickly, it is actually possible. One of the best ways to do it is by offering a service. You won’t make a lot, but at least you’ll see almost instant results.

So what does offering a service online involve? Well it’s basically what it says on the tin. You simply provide a service that someone else is looking for and in return they will pay you for it. Simple? Well, not so simple, the tricky part knowing what to offer and where to find the people who are looking for it. Don’t panic though because i’ve outlined a couple of those points below.

What service can I provide?

You need to get your imagination rolling with this one. The best place to start is by taking a look at what you’re good at. Are you skilled in design, article writing, SEO, translations or anything else in particular? Well if you are, people are looking for these services, and they are willing to pay you for it too! If there is anything of value that you think you are able to provide, then why not go ahead and provide it? Make sure there is some demand first however, as there is no point in offering something that nobody wants.

Where can I offer these services?

Well, this is another benefit in the fact that people are actually looking for these services, it means that finding people to work with couldn’t be easier! All over the internet there are people in need for something that you could potentially offer. If you look at websites like fiverr and elance you can not only search for people who may be in need of your service, but you can also advertise your service, so it’s really not difficult at all to find a client!

Another good idea is to look at the services people are looking for and see if you can offer any of those. You may find that someone is need of something that very few other people can attend to but you know that you can, so get in there and make some quick and easy money off it.

Don’t just think you are limited to the Internet either. You can make a lot of money offline because a lot of the competition has moved over to the Internet, leaving the offline customers in need. If you are offering design services then why not get out there and talk to a few local businesses? Put some cheap adverts up at local caf├ęs or bars, something that won’t cost you a thing.

I’ll remind you that you won’t make big money off this, but you will make fast money that can help you out if you’re desperate. If you offer a service you can get done in an hour or two, then you may even find yourself with some extra cash that quickly!

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