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by Dan on September 8, 2009

professional article marketing Make Money with Article MarketingArticle marketing is a website promotion and Internet marketing tool that involves posting articles that you have written, on one or more article syndication sites on the Internet. Others can then republish your articles on their website, including any link backs that you leave, resulting in spreading the word about the subject matter of your article.

When done correctly, article marketing can be a highly effective, and inexpensive way of promoting your home business. There are many free methods of advertising on the Internet that are not very effective, but writing and distributing articles is a surefire way to get your Website noticed and a great way to make money writing online.

You have the option of submitting manually to the article directories and there are forums that accept articles too, or you can purchase a directory submitter to do the job for you.

When it comes to writing articles to make money you do not have to be an expert writer, you merely need to put down in print your views or experiences.

The object of writing and submitting articles is to draw attention to your Website, so be sure to complete the Author’s Resource Box carefully, with your name, copyright clause and of course your Website address, so that anyone who reads your article can then go on to view your Website.

By submitting articles you will also be building up back-links to your website and this will help with your search engine ranking as well. Choose your keywords carefully and be sure to place them strategically in your article without spamming. Do not turn your article into an obvious sales letter otherwise you will find some, if not most, directories will reject your article.

As requested by one of my readers I have compiled a list of High page rank article directories, some take a few days to authorise and publish but some can take anywhere up to 3 months to get published – so patience is a virtue when dealing with article marketing.

Ezine ArticlePageRank 6
iSnarePageRank 6
Article DashboardPageRank 5
Article BizPageRank 6
Go ArticlesPageRank 6
Article CubePageRank 5
Best EzinesPageRank 5
BuzzlePageRank 5
Article BasePageRank 5
Search WarpPageRank 4

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