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Critics: world-renowned as opinionated, often controversial, but always honest. At least, you’d like to think so. Ever wondered what it would be like to comment on a service or product you’ve used? Ever felt like telling all your friends just how great something is? OR, ever felt like shouting from the roof tops that something just isn’t worth the time nor effort?

You probably have at some point, so why not go ahead and say what you really think about a company? While you’re at it, why don’t you get paid for doing so?

I for one am one of those people who like to make my opinions known, after all, I’d like to think I’ve got an opinion of value (though, admittedly, not all the time). So no surprises, then, that I was attracted by the idea of filling out a survey and getting paid for it.

Impressions: it wasn’t quite what I expected at first, there were plenty of questions that I thought were irrelevant. However, overall the quality of the questions was fairly decent and they were all easy to understand. The layout of the website is also intuitive and easy to use, which means that you spend as little time as possible trying to get to grips with the interface.

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As far as timings went, I did manage to get through it a little quicker than anticipated, though this could be down to my somewhat bullish answering of questions. It could take you a little longer depending on computer competency, but even my mother could complete it in under an hour (she types and scrolls at the speed of a snail, perhaps slower).

Although having to pay to join did throw me at first, I threw caution to the wind and spent the dollar! Certainly not my worst decision, to the contrary, quite a good decision. The money spent at the beginning is essentially a networking fee: it connects you with the companies that are willing to pay you for taking surveys. This removes the hassle of you looking for companies willing to part with their cash for your opinion.

As with anything nowadays, there are a variety of payment options and payment is easy and secure. They also have a well established customer support network, which could prove useful.

All in all, it’s an easy way to make money and the money:time ratio weighs heavily in the favour of money. So this survey gets a five star rating! To start filling out surveys and make money for yourself, click here!

Dan Little, online survey enthusiast and part-time critic!

Review posted: 05/10/2011

Still interested?

Why not earn money from filling out surveys? If you have some spare time, it can be a great way to earn some extra income! In this section is a collection of websites that provide you with surveys that you can fill out to earn money!

Featured Paid Survey Site – 123 Cash Surveys

123 Cash Surveys gives you access to a database of hundreds of paid survey companies. Some paid survey sites will pay you up to $75 per survey. This is a great resource if you want to sign-up to multiple-paid survey sites. Watch the video on the homepage to find out more.

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123 Paid Surveys

Featured Free Paid Survey Site – Toluna Surveys

Toluna is one of the largest paid opinion sites in the UK at Toluna not only will you be paid for giving your opinion you can be sent amazing new products to test and then keep, such as PS3’s, iPod’s and other cool gadgets.

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