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Generally speaking, any kind of gambling is a bad idea. Casinos and sports betting are designed to help you lose money, not win it.

With all of the systems that I have tried (over 15), I have only found 3 that I would ever recommend as working. As long as you strictly stick to the simple rules, you’ll easily earn yourself some cash with these techniques.

#1 – The Cash-Master System:

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Cash Master is a combination of a horse selection system (selecting what horses to back), staking system (how much to bet on each horse), a software program (to calculate stakes for each horse) and an invaluable resource for help from the author.

The author tells you to choose horses to bet on to minimise loosing streaks, using a relatively simple selection method using resources on the web. By selecting your own horses, you don’t actually spend money on tips, and therefore save essential cash until you get going with the system.

The staking system is designed to ensure you don’t wipe out your betting bank, and the software makes all calculations for you. If you get stuck with any part of the system, Graham Laurie (the author) is on-hand to help you.

The thing about this system, is that it actually works! Due to full time work, I can’t spend as much time as I’d like on this system. You can start with quite a small betting bank, and gradually grow your money. Graham has been using his own system for a long time, so he knows all the ins and outs of the whole concept!

There’s no point me telling you how much you can earn with this system. It depends on your bank, commitment and time. However, the following scale should help you get an idea of what’s possible.

Overall rating:8/10
Thoroughness of explanations:9/10
Presentation of content:9/10
Supplied utilities:9/10
Risk factor (10 = low risk, 1 = high risk):6/10
Difficulty: (10 = low difficultly, 1 = high difficulty)8/10
Investment required:£200+
Potential Returns:up to 2% daily based on 6 races a day
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#2 – Compiler-System Football System

Compiler Systems is a football system that I used for last football season. Now I am not a football person, but Daniel Soulsby makes it extremely easy to choose your selections. He’s been in the gambling and odds arena for a long time (he used to work for a major bookies), and has developed an excellent collection of selection systems that complement each other.

His most successful selection system is based on very high probability of a team winning a game, resulting in 100% profit over the football season. (And I did actually do this last season, taking £25 profit based on an initial bank of £25). I was very cautious! The additional systems he provide result in extra income from different selections, but higher levels of risk (and associated lower staking levels). I didn’t use these myself, but last season’s results are proofed for you to see.

The selection systems are great (documented instructions), but if you don’t have time to do your research, you can get the picks for free! Daniel releases the selections when they occur for all his customers, making it so easy to place your bets.

The only thing that I don’t like about this system is the presentation of the information. Daniel insists on using uppercase and ‘interesting’ formatting techniques for his information. However, do persevere as the content is very valuable!

Overall rating:7/10
Thoroughness of explanations:8/10
Presentation of content:4/10
Supplied utilities:9/10
Risk factor (10 = low risk, 1 = high risk):6/10
Difficulty: (10 = low difficultly, 1 = high difficulty)6/10
Investment required:£20+
Potential Returns:100% profit over football season

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Make Money January 11, 2011 at 10:51 am

Cash Master by Graham Laurie, is a great betting tool. I’ve been a fan of abitrage betting for a while now, and Cash Master has helped pull me out of debt…. albeit by gambing, it’s still an awesome bit of kit, and I hightly recommend anyone that is looking to make money to buy cash master

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