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What is Greasy Palm?

If you look on the Greasy Palm Website, there are a number of ways to earn money from them. Essentially you sign up to a newsletter or buy something via one of the retailers, and then get money in your account. Once you have earned at least £25, you’ll get a cheque in the post.

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I personally have received 2 cheques from Greasy Palm so far, totalling over £50. I am working on my next cheque now too!

It works by using Affiliate Schemes. Essentially a retailer allows Greasy Palm to make money every time Greasy Palm send the retailer a new customer. What Greasy Palm does is split that money roughly 50/50 with you and themselves. This gives you an incentive to earn money via Greasy Palm, Greasy Palm make money, and the retailers make money. So everyone is at an advantage.

So although it might sound to good to be true, you can now understand why, that really, it is true!


Greasy Palm – Getting the free cash…

The minimum payout for Greasy Palm is £25. So I’ve compiled a list of items that will help you reach that £25 without spending a penny!

Current total without spending money is £19.67.

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1) Register at Greasy Palm, and get £2.50 just for joining!


2) Free membership sites, with no payment details required. If they start sending you junk email, you can easily unsubscribe as the associated companies follow anti-spam rules. Cashback for just signing up and sometimes completing a survey:

  • £0.10 – Free iPod nano UK – Free ipod nano scheme. Basically you have to sign up to loads of services to get your money. It’s not worth the hassle, so just sign up the once to get your Greasy Palm payment.
  • £0.10 – Free Digital Camera – Free digital camera scheme. Very similar to above.
  • £0.10 – Free iPod Shuffle – Free ipod shuffle scheme. Very similar to above.
  • £0.20 – Etribes – Free personalised webspace.
  • £0.21 – UK National Opinion Survey – a survey site that gives you free stuff.
  • £0.21 – Valued Opinions – One of the best paid-survey sites.
  • £0.22 – UK Survey Panel – A questionnaire website.
  • £0.25 – Kodak EasyShare Gallery – photo developing service. Money just for signing up. You can also get cashback for further purchases.
  • £0.25 – Win4now – prize draw site.
  • £0.25 – Monkey Magazine – a free men’s email magazine
  • £0.28 – Voice in a Crowd – survey prize draw website.
  • £0.30 – Consumer Panel – survey prize draw website.
  • £0.30 – Get Me A Ticket – prize draw site.
  • £0.30 – PhotoBox – photo developing service. Money just for signing up. You can get an additional £0.75 for your first order of free prints too! A site I highly recommend anyway!
  • £0.32 – Emailinform – money off vouchers website.
  • £0.34 – The Great UK Survey – survey and prize draw.
  • £0.43 – The Info Service – Cashback when you register and request a free brochure.
  • £0.49 – Test and Vote – prize draw survey site.
  • £0.50 – Its Your View – another paid survey site.
  • £0.65 – IPSOS – prize draw survey site.
  • £0.77 – Lightspeed Research – points-based paid survey site.
  • Total: £6.57

3) Free membership sites, but with payment details required. To avoid being charged, make sure you cancel your subscription before the end of trial period if you choose not to stay with that service.

  • £2.50 – Free Credit Report – Free credit report online from Experian. 30 day trial.
  • £6.25 – LOVEFiLM- Postal DVD service. 14 day trial.
  • Total: £8.75

4) Gambling related sites. These sites give you money for signing up and therefore there is no risk of losing your own money.

  • £0.25 – Loopy Lotto – Free to play lottery. Cashback for just signing up.
  • £0.30 – Fruitillion – Free to play jackpot fruit machine. Cashback for just signing up.
  • £0.30 – Scratch and match – Free to play scratch cards. Cashback for just signing up.
  • £1.00 – Jackpot Joy – Cashback for signing up and playing a free game. If you deposit £10 and play a money game, you can get an extra £20 cashback from GreasyPalm. This equates to £10 profit, regardless if you win or lose your money at Jackpot Joy. The extra £20 cashback is not included in the total, but you might consider it.
  • Total: £1.85

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5) High Paying Companies

If you’re going to renew your home, car, pet, life or any type of insurance, make sure you visit the Insurance Companies via GreasyPalm. Some of these insurers pay between £10 and £60 for buying via their website! And these are all popular brands for financial products too. Of course you want to make sure that the particular insurer does have the best price too.


6) Recommend A Friend

If you refer friends and family to GreasyPalm, then you can earn £7 as soon as that person earns £15! So you can use the Refer a friend to GreasyPalm page, and then send your friends to this page so that they can learn how to earn the £15 that gives you £7!

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7) Daily Earning with Price Comparison Websites

If you fancy earning a few pennies every day, then I suggest you use the price comparison sites below. You only earn a few pence, but if you get into the habit of using them, you’ll slowly top up your account!

  • £0.05 – Kelkoo – Shopping search engine (maximum 1 search per day)
  • £0.02 – The High Street Web – Shopping search engine (maximum 2 searches per day)
  • £0.05 – – Shopping search engine (maximum 2 searches per day)
  • £0.02 – Carsource – Car search engine (maximum 3 searches per day)

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