Income Elite Review

by Dan on December 17, 2009

income elite review

You may remember a few weeks ago I mentioned a site called Clone Cash System and encouraged eveyone to go and check it out. It was a free affiliate marketing video course with 20 in depth videos of how to make a success of your affiliate websites, introducing you to things like successfully choosing a product niche, making your website and choosing keywords etc.

A few weeks after I’d signed up for Clone Cash System I received an email inviting me to a trial of a new program from the same guys called Income Elite.

So What Exactly is Income Elite An How Can it Help You Succeed Making Money Online?

After signing in, I realised that this was in fact a follow on to Clone Cash System, offering a complete affiliate marketing training course; and with 95% of people getting into affiliate marketing failing to make any money. It’s easy to see why a step by step ‘how to’ training course would be a helpful resource for budding affiliates.

How does Income Elite training give you that other site cannot?

It’s foolproof. Not that I’m saying that the people who don’t succeed in affiliate marketing are fools, just that many blogs and courses that offer training don’t give you the step by step instructions that Income Elite does.

You watch a video, then go off and implement what you’ve learnt on your own site. Then carry onto the next step and repeat.

Who should use Income Elite

The simple answer is anyone. Anyone with the desire to start making money from home. You could be looking to work from home full time once the site is up and running, or maybe you’re just looking for some extra income in addition to your current job. Either way, because it is a ‘learn at your own pace’ course, you can do as little or as much work as and when you have the time.

If you are new to affiliate programs then you can start at the beginning and learn everything you need to know to get your first site up and running. If you already have an affiliate site and are just looking to increase your earnings from it, then you can skip ahead and learn everything you need ranging from article marketing, e-mail marketing and PPC, to social bookmarking and link building to get you shooting up the SERPs.

What are the benefits of joining Income Elite?

The main benefit of joining Income Elite is that it provides you with everything you need to make money online, all in one place!

Many affiliate marketers have to browse the Internet constantly for training in different areas of affiliate marketing such as training on articles, e-mail marketing or even Pay Per Click.

Income Elite provides this all in one place through high quality, easy to follow video presentations.

  • Over 100 hours of training videos
  • Website Templates
  • Free Content to Use as Your Own
  • List Building Templates
  • Instructional Audio
  • Video Training In EVERY aspect of Affiliate Marketing
  • Getting Started Step by Step Video Series introduction
  • Access to a Forum Full of Professional Affiliate Marketers including the Creators of Income Elite

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