How to Avoid Paid Survey Scams

by Dan on May 29, 2009

scam How to Avoid Paid Survey ScamsYes, you can get paid for taking surveys and earn money from home, but although you can, it does not follow that you always will.

In order for you to make money, paid surveys need to pay in a currency you can use. Although many survey companies will allow overseas residents to participate, they may only pay in one certain currency. If you don’t check to ensure that you get paid in your home currency, you may have to forfeit the earnings or pay a hefty bank fee in order to exchange an overseas check.

Although the best paid surveys allow payouts to be issued in local currency, not all sites are scam free. You may find that in the small print there is a clause stating that money can only be issued into a US bank account or as an Australian check. Whilst not precisely a scam, you may be unable to receive your payment.

A second possible swindle is when an advert says that you can get paid for taking surveys, and claim to make you rich. Once you have signed up, you discover that there are not enough surveys there to bother with.

Perhaps the survey provider only has four or five survey websites on its list, in which case you are likely to get paid to take surveys only once or twice a week at the most. If you are expecting to earn massive amounts of money by spending one or two hours per day answering questionnaires and giving your opinion, only to find you are only given one or two a week, this can be frustrating. In order to make money, paid surveys have to be available to take.

A similar scam occurs when a survey provider site promises plenty of surveys but ends up giving you everything but surveys. The best paid surveys take five to twenty minutes apiece and bring in a minimum of a pound each, often providing more than twenty pounds for one survey. This only mounts up to anything of value when you get paid for taking surveys at a rate of several per day. If the company only sends a couple each week and sends you a multitude of other offers instead, then you will not make money. Paid surveys are what you want, not buy one get one free coupons or earn $10 if you spend $50 offers.

To make sure you get plenty of the best paid surveys, you should make sure that the host site has multiple survey providers that it is connected to and that it will always have surveys for you to take available. If it deals with too few providers, you will not get paid to take surveys, but will waste your time waiting for them instead. One good idea is to sign up with a provider that asks you to sign in to their site to access various surveys available to you, rather than sending a daily email with links. Although the latter may seem to be more convenient, if it is a scam you will get lots of junk mail and no cash surveys. Reputable survey providers will have multiple survey companies on hand and will let you know this in their advertisement.

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