Half way there with bux.to!

by Dan on October 23, 2007

With the Paid-To-Click systems, I refuse to pay for the ‘premium’ service which usually results you losing money, rather than gaining money. However, with my current progress, I am nearly half way with all of the PTC services I currently use! Sadly, bux.to seem to be cutting down on their free adverts, with only 4 per day, rather than 6.

Here are the current earnings:

Bux.to: $4.80 (16 referrals)
EnglandBux: £4.33 (42 referrals)
MoneyBux: $4.49 (21 referrals)
Wordlinx: $1.53 (21 referrals)

Compared to my last update, this is the increase in about 3 weeks:

Bux.to: +$0.85 (22% increase)
EnglandBux: +£1.1767 (37% increase)
MoneyBux: +$2.365 (112% increase)
Wordlinx: +$0.40 (35% increase)

However, the slow earnings lead me to conclude that this is a really slow way to earn money and that other options should be considered to do really well.

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admin November 16, 2007 at 4:01 pm

Those earnings are really really low! Try leaving comments on my website for money instead, it’s a lot easier than getting referrals!

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