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Graduating to Unemployment, But the Internet Can Help.

by Dan on November 7, 2011

Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that today many students are graduating from university into unemployment. A tough economic climate combined with the high numbers of graduates has meant that the demand for graduates just doesn’t match supply. This has caused prospective university students and graduates alike to reassess the value of degrees and turn to employment that doesn’t ask for prior experience: self-employment.

I spoke to Alex Smith of Make Money Reviews (, who said that he’s noticed an increasing number of young people express interest in starting up their own home business:

Young people today aren’t satisfied with high levels of unemployment, particularly for their age group. Young people today are more aware than ever of their working future because of the pressure applied at school and the general pressures applied by society. People recognise that the jobs you have as a youngster heavily influence your potential future income. This has lead to more and more young people thinking about setting up their own businesses. Home businesses are relatively cheap to set up and there is a wealth of information available on websites like Make Money Reviews.

And he doesn’t stop there, he goes on to list the benefits of independence and freedom from authority as being significant incentives to start your own business! But is it really that easy and should young people be so quick to give up the search for the relative security of employment (if they can find it)?

Well, in my personal opinion, I’d say an emphatic yes! This is because I did it myself. I started my business whilst I was at university and managed to turn it into a full-time job. Make no mistake, however, I was extremely glad I went to university. It taught me lessons in life I wouldn’t have learned elsewhere and I grew up and matured quicker. This life experience can be invaluable when it comes to setting up your own business, though that isn’t to say it is necessary. I also know plenty of people that have set up their own home business without a degree and been more successful than me.

You can realistically set up a home business with under a £1,000 (in some cases WAY under) and all you need is drive and determination. So if you’re a student or a youngster who’s stuck deciding what they want their future to hold, the answer is in your hands (and on the internet). Just take a look at our Little Earners section and our Top Earner to discover what online make money opportunties are best for you!

Any questions, then just leave a post on the blog or visit Make Money Reviews.

Yours Sincerely,

Dan Little

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