Google Attack Make Money Scams

by Dan on December 9, 2009

google lawsuits

Little Earner has always tried hard to separate the scams from the systems and earlier this week search giant Google finally took a step into the battle themselves.

We have all seen the “make Money with Google” websites, nasty single page sales sites with fast cars, flames or diamonds all over them. To anyone even slightly experienced at using the web to subsidies their income scams is all they will ever be however many inexperienced people have turned to the web for extra money in these difficult economic times and those are the people who have lost out.

Google has filed lawsuits against Pacific WebWorks as well as a host of unnamed small companies and individuals who have been utilizing the Google brand to trick consumers into buying services and products that rarely, if ever, show any form of return. They often hijack other brands alongside Google such as News Stations, Chat Shows or Broadsheets and often have little or no proof to backup the fact they were ever featured in these places.

In Google’s official blog post on the subject they spoke about how combating these scammers is an important part of Google’s job and that this large action is simply a high profile step taken alongside everyday measures such as banning Adwords users, removing sites from the index and suspending Adsense and other programs often hosted onsite.

How to Avoid the Scammers

Avoiding the scammers isn’t too hard, you just need to obey a few simple rules;

  • Do Your Research: Have a look around the internet, visit sites like our own Little Earner or a Make Money Reviews site. Find out waht other people think of the system. You may even like to have a chat on a few forums, after all it only takes a few minutes!
  • Know the Costs: Many of these scammer sites have hidden or secretly inflating costs. Make sure you read terms and condityion pages and remember if something is really free then they don’t usually need your credit card infromation. Pay with PayPal to ensure you have maximum protection and control should the service be subscription.
  • Use Common Sense!: The most important rule of all. If something seems to good to be true it usually is. It’s important to understand the real aspects of investment versus profit as well as knowing what you can achieve both in terms of time and ability. If your new to online money making start with some simple paid surveys and work up to the more complex affiliate marketing

Making Money Online is Possible

Making money online is possible, Google even say so themselves that making money with many different systems is both easy and legal however there is no such thing as a free ride or secret kit to earning thousands in a day, remember the rules and remember to read a bunch of sites like our own, find where other people have seen results and then you know it’s possible.

Good luck

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