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by Dan on October 16, 2008

A free online paid survey is the most common type of survey you will find online. Companies of all types have found that they can get more information on products, product layouts, and on customer needs by putting together a survey. The online community has responded and helped make decisions for companies on a regular basis. Third parties, often called survey companies, have come in to the picture, paying consumers to take part in surveys for their clients, who are large corporate companies.

Free paid survey sites are available throughout the Internet. You should not have to pay for this information, or to get surveys from the company. In fact, most companies will pay you for your opinion and sometimes just for signing up. Free online paid survey websites need to have a large demographic of people doing their surveys so that the company gets the results they need to make important, expensive decisions.

When you become a member of free paid survey sites, you get to answer questions about all sorts of things. You may receive an inquiry about DVD covers such as which design you prefer. You may be asked to look at a label for a few minutes then to draw a conclusion about how it made you feel. You may simply share your buying habits with the website. The number of different surveys out there is large, giving you plenty of opportunities to make money.

Free online paid surveys will send you emails once you have signed up, alerting you of available surveys to take. They may also ask you to create a profile that gives them an idea of who you are and what your lifestyle is. Surveys often focus towards specific people. Once you receive the email invitation, being paid is as simple as visiting the free paid survey sites, completing the survey and submitting it for payment. A free online paid survey does not cost you anything, expect for a few minutes of your time.

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