Get Organized to Earn Money From Home

by Dan on June 8, 2009

earn money from home Get Organized to Earn Money From HomeIt’s all well and good starting a home based business such as affiliate marketing, getting your website up and running, driving traffic to it, repeating ‘x’ number of times until you have a well developed network of sites etc. But in reality there’s a lot more to running a home based business than the simple step by step process outlined on many “make money” sites.


Create an ‘Office’ space

Just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean that you should sit on the sofa with your laptop with one eye on your affiliate site and one eye on Jerry Springer. Keeping focus in any job can be difficult, and this is made 10 times worse when you’re working from home. It’s easy to get sidetracked by the washing or the kids or the last episode of a program you really like that you TiVoed and forgot to watch – Affiliate marketing is still a business – YOUR business so if you’re slacking off then it’s only yourself that you’re going to be disappointing.

Keep Your ‘Office’ Tidy

This is an oldie but a goody – “A tidy house equals a tidy mind” There’s nothing worse than having clutter all over your desk and not being able to find anything. Keep your working area clean and organised.


Without someone actively pushing you (your boss) to do the tasks that you hate (link building) it’s easy for some tasks to get pushed to the bottom of the list everyday. Structure your day and assign yourself tasks to complete in order of importance – and deadlines that they should be completed by.


This is where I find the majority of my ‘unknown’ time goes. I’ll get an email about something that interests me, then for the next hour I’m off on a tangent researching something that has no bearing on the task at hand and, more often than not, something that is of no real benefit to me.

  • Allow some time at the end of the day to go through your emails and sort the wheat from the chaff. DO NOT DO THIS AT THE START OF YOUR DAY – you’ll never get anything done!
  • Set up different email accounts:
    • Personal: this one should be for family and friends and should not be checked during ‘working’ hours,
    • Business: for your real business correspondance ie:
    • Marketing: for signing up to directories, blogs, etc this one will get a lot of spam so it makes sense to keep it separate from the others.
  • Organise your emails before you read them: I find it much easier if I spend 5 minutes just scanning my emails deleting the spam and filing the ones I need to do something with before reading them. It’s easy to get the general gist of an email ie: if it’s from a marketer, spammer, client, prospect, activation email etc. and even a filing system as simplistic as Important : Needs Actioning : Read Later can help stem the barrage of information delivered daily to your inbox.

Accounts and Passwords

When you first start out it’s easy to remember a few log on details and url’s of sites you are using, but as time goes on as an internet marketer you need to join many online sites and forums – whether it be for research purposes or for free reports or resources. You will also need to create numerous accounts for the business such as web tracking, ad sense, affiliates, web traffic, hosting, domains and so on and so on.

Keeping track of all of these log on details quickly becomes a nightmare. Although you can always sign up to these sites again using another username/email address, it’s wasted time that could be avoided by simply keeping an excel spreadsheet of your log on details from day one. This is also an invaluable habit to get into when working with pseudonyms – just make sure you keep the document secure.

Anyway, I hope this post goes some way towards helping you organise your time and prioritise your work load a little better, and therefore help you earn more money from home without tearing your hair out!

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