How Can I Earn Money From Home with Online Marketing

by Dan on July 7, 2009

work from home 431x300 How Can I Earn Money From Home with Online MarketingMany articles are promoting numerous ways to get rich quick, work at home, and make money online. One of the often overlooked ways to earn money from home is simply to market products. This can be done in several ways; directly contacting people with an interest in the products you wish to sell, leaving a link to your web store in your message board signature, or by setting up a website or web store page to simply getting potential customers to visit the store.

In order to earn money from home with online marketing, you need a product that is going to be popular enough to sell itself, so that you do not have to spend numerous hours luring customers in. If it is a product that is trendy, useful, helpful, or has some other advantage, then your task is simply to direct people to your website and watch the sales build.

Many sites sites often list companies that will help you create a website for free, if you sell their products. You work as an affiliate and get a commission on every item of theirs sold through your store. To make money online you can also use your own products. Items that sell fast are the ones that catch the eye and are basic necessities that customers will return for again and again, or trendy items that everybody currently wants, these are the items you want to stock and sell. All you need is your own webpage or website, with a link to the product you are affiliate for, or a Paypal button through which you can be paid for your own items.

You can earn money from home if you have the right products and the right webpage to advertise them on. Some things to take into account when starting out include easy access to information concerning the product(s), and simple ways to allow your customers to buy them. If your website is all flashing lights and bright colors, it can easily take customers away from focusing on the product itself – if they wait for the page to load, which some mobile phone and dial-up customers may not.

Another way to ensure that you earn money from your home business is to market your products with an SEO friendly paragraph located on your sales page. This will draw in customers to your website from search engines and once you have that paragraph collecting a few hits, it will rise up the SERP’s and appear more prominently.

It is then, you can sit back and watch the customers roll in with no further effort apart from sending out the goods. A simple way to draw in those first clicks and rise up the SERP’s is to email your friends and ask them to take a look at the page. You can ask them just to give their opinion, not to buy anything. This will start you off with traffic and gets your site rising. Also by simply encouraging people to visit the site from forums and groups, some visitors will turn into customers, as well as ranking your sales page higher in the listings.

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Ruaim July 27, 2009 at 1:18 pm

How can You earn money from home without invest any money. Totally Free.

Affiliates Mania July 29, 2009 at 1:39 pm

there are many way to earn money online. what we have to do is to search them and try to find which one to avoid. thanks for the post here. very worth reading :)

Earn Money from Home August 7, 2009 at 11:13 am

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Best Paid Surveys September 6, 2009 at 12:48 am

thanks for the informative post!

@Ruaim: Yes, Dan is right. I’ve dabbled in article marketing for a while now and I can vouch that you CAN indeed make money for free! It’s called bum marketing.

Basically, you write an informative article and submit it to various e-zine directories (Dan, please write a post on the best ezine directories for us ;) ). Ideally, the article should contain your affiliate link in the resource box. When someone reads your article, there’s good chance that (s)he will click your affiliate link and sign-up with the program you’re promoting. The end result? You make money for free!

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